Proxy Websites – Top 3 Recommendations in 2019 | Private Proxy | Social Media Proxy | Shared Proxy


TOP 3 PROXY WEBSITES | Private Proxy | Social Media Proxy | Shared Proxy | Gaming Proxy | Shopping Proxy | Classified Ad Proxy | Ticketing Proxies

Hello dear friends. We are a Digital Agency and we know what we are talking about. We create Websites, Content, Online advertising, Email marketing, Search Engine Optimization. We know better what proxy means and what you can do with them.

Is very useful to use proxies for many reasons:

  • Email marketing
  • Grabbing products prom other websites
  • Make new social media accounts and many more.

The whole idea is to have a good proxy with high speed and not traceable.

We’ve used many proxies from many companies. Some of them have poor speed, others go offline in the middle of the process, some are blacklisted and so on. This offline thing ( when proxy is offline )was very annoying because, to be sure, you have to start all over again and connect to new proxy and so on.

There is no need to spend money for bad proxies. We’ve already tested alot and below are our recommendations:

We didn’t make Top 10 or 100 best proxy website. To be sincere 1 good website is all you need but we give 3 so you can choose.


This is the best proxy website from our opinion for many reasons:

  • Very stable and fast proxies. They don’t crash, delay or something like that.
  • You can choose proxies for your need. They have: private proxies, shared proxies, ticketing proxies, social media proxies, classified ad proxies, gaming proxies, shopping proxies and VPN‘s.
  • Multiple Datacenters. You will find proxies from USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Israel or Canada.
  • All servers have 16GB of RAM
  • 1000mb/s Fast Servers
  •  UNLIMITED Bandwith
  • Non Sequential IP’s
  • 99,99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • 3 day Money Back Guaranteed
  • They change proxies if you want.
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Videos on Youtube ( how to use proxies in browser etc.)
  • Setup Free
  • Highly Anonymous

They have/had a discount code of 10%. Use 10OFF to redeem code. Hope it still works.



This Website is medium compared to the first one. When you choose it really mater if you want something really good or medium.

Yes.. this one have 7 days trial instead 3 compared to No.1 recommended and Yes we can provide a coupon code of 55% discount >>> Insert 55OFF if you purchase. But still… i would go to my first recommendation.

This is good if you want other database countries. They have Hong Kong and South Africa as a so if you need those countries we recommend this website.

Another different thing is Backconnect Proxies. This is a new one.

Backconnect routes your connection to a random IP address in the proxy pool.

PrivateProxy backconnect proxy rotates to a new IP address for each connection. It lets you easily automate tasks and make many connections in a short amount of time.

PrivateProxy backconnect proxies are also available with location-targeting for IP addresses in a certain country or city.



I recommend this website also but is no.3 from my opinion. This means less speed and less everything but still counts if you need other data-centers countries ( are almost the same but there a a few more)   . This is medium-low service. Is good but they don’t have many services as the first ones but they have dedicated proxies more expensive. It really depends where and what you do with them.

They have Datacenters  in  USA in most states, Canada, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Sweden, Netherlands and UK.


Hope this will make you happy!


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